So, what helps make a Facebook page great?

There are a few key aspects to having a fantastic Facebook page - we can help with all of them

What makes a Facebook page great

What we do
Facebook Application Tabs

Facebook is an ever-growing online platform and is a great way to interact with your brands customers and fans.

The statistics show that Facebook users, throughout all demographics, are increasing - allow your brand to engage with this ever-growing audience.

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A Facebook tab allows you to offer users a customised experience for your brand allowing interaction, sharing and engagement.

What sets your brand apart and makes you special? Convey this message to your audience on Facebook, build your fan base and grow your business.

The Options for Facebook Application Tabs are practically limitless. Any online content can be included, so you can use Facebook Tabs for...


Make sure you don't fall foul of Facebook's competition guidelines. Collect competition entries on your tab, pre-fill users details, require users to like your page before they can enter and even draw a random winner (or winners) automatically.

Promote your Brand

Your Application Tab will be the initial page new users see when they visit you on Facebook. Make a great first impression and put your brands message across at this crucial point in the customer journey.

Create Engagement

Use your tab to showcase news, promotions, products, restaurant menus and quizzes - whatever helps sell your business. We've created shop pages and online booking forms amongst others - really any content you could see online can be placed within Facebook for ultimate accessibility.

Exclusive Content

We can require users to like your page before seeing exclusive content ('fan-gating' if you will) - this helps create a brand following and rewards visitors for interacting with your page.

What we do
Facebook Profile Images & Graphics

Profile Pic Improvements

A profile image is the most-viewed asset on your Facebook page - make sure it stands out and helps get your brand message across.

Perhaps more importantly, a 'thumbnail' of your profile image is used throughout Facebook - on every status update, comment and photo album. Make sure this helps your brand stand out and shows other interested users who you are. The badly-cropped middle of your logo just doesn't cut it anymore!

Simply supply us with your logo, plus any images and ideas you have, we'll come up with concepts and once approved will send you your new Facebook profile image to upload.

What we do
Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is an extremely targeted, effective solution to promoting your business. Find users with specific interests, living in a particular area, or by sex and relationship status - the opportunities are endless.

Your budget (you get charged each time someone clicks on one of your ads) can be used to the maximum potential because you only target consumers who your brand is likely to appeal to.

The opportunities for advertising are huge, so if you're looking to grow your business socially, Facebook advertising is a great way to help achieve this.

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Facebook Advertising segment from the BBC's 'Inside Facebook' Documentary. © BBC 2011

What we do
Facebook Training & Consultancy

Facebook doesn't just stop with an application tab or great profile pic - the rest of the content you include on your page and the updates you post will dramatically affect fan engagement and the likelihood of others liking you.

Facebook Training

It's really important to use the right tone of voice, interact with customers posting on your wall, get the frequency of posts right - and most importantly post the sort of content your fans care about (note: It's generally not you bragging about how great you are!).

We can provide training and guidance to you and your staff, tailored to your industry and the message you need to portray.

Contact us for more information.

What we do
Facebook Page Migrations & Merges

Initially you may have set up a Personal Profile to represent your business - this is a profile where others add you as a friend. Then, as Facebook added features you might have also claimed a Page and/or Place for your business.

With this setup, your visitors don't know where to go and you have different pages to promote, manage and update. If you're just using a personal profile, a Fan Page will allow new fans to interact with your brand more easily.

We can work with you to migrate your Personal Profiles into Fan Pages, as well we merging multiple Fan Pages into a master Fan Page.

A single Facebook presence - simple for you, simple for your customers.

Merge and Migrate Facebook Pages

What we do
Facebook Website Integration

Website Integration with Facebook

Facebook can integrate with your website in a number of ways, the only limit is your imagination

  • Adding a 'like' button to your site, or products/articles/pages
  • Showing your latest Facebook posts on your site
  • Login or Sign Up with Facebook
  • Pre-fill forms with Facebook user data
  • Allow users to share content to their friends

Our Work

A selection of our work throughout industry sectors.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook tabs offer you the opportunity to interact with your Facebook visitors and fans in a unique way.

It's the only way to bring your brands personality onto Facebook as there's loads of options as to what you can do.

The best part is that it costs less than you think.

Any content you'd normally have on a website can go within a Facebook tab - this includes text, pictures, quizzes, video, music, contact or booking forms.

If you've got an idea for something you'd like, talk to us and we'll let you know if it's possible.

This depends on how often you want to update information.

We can do things like pull in your latest blog post or tweets dynamically from your website which makes it easier.

If you want to update text content we can either do this on your behalf or give you access to a simple content management system so you can do this yourself.

Yes! We provide hosting for all our tabs - this is mainly because it simplifies the process for you and Facebook now requires that a secure (https://) version of your tab is available. Most hosting providers and web companies don't have this facility as standard, but we do and it's complimentary for our customers.

As we host the tabs for you, our server has a SSL certificate providing a secure version of your page to comply with Facebook's guidelines and allow visitors using Facebook's secure mode to access your content. (Meaning no nasty warnings to your customers that your page isn't secure!)

Great! You're ahead of the pack. I work with a range of agencies on different projects, so get in touch and we'll come up with some great ideas for your clients and get to work.

There's two ways to measure success - Facebook will give you Page Insights, this lets you see how many visitors and interactions your pages gets.

Our pages also feature Analytics so we can track how many visitors you receive.

Yes, of course. Facebook doesn't limit the number of tabs you can have.

Generally we can also offer discount if you want to create more than one tab - so let your imagination run wild and we'll help make your ideas work on Facebook.

Less than you think - I know you've heard that before, but we promise it's true.

Most projects are completed for less than £200, however it's always best to know exactly what you want so we can give you the best price.

Contact us for a quote.

Yes, we'll design and develop the tab for you.

We generally ask clients to supply their logo and any images they'd like featured, plus any brand guidelines/preferred layouts.

From this we'll then create concepts for you to approve before starting to code up the design.

We can also help you get the most out of your page by creating great profile graphics.

We can create these on their own, or alongside your application tab.

Great, we can provide specs for the design, and work with them to make sure their design is web-friendly.

Once you've signed off their graphics we can turn them into your Facebook application tab.

Facebook Advertising is conducted on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis so you only pay for genuine interactions.

The actual cost can be limited to a set budget, but we'd need to know more about what you want to advertise before we can give you an idea of costs per click.

These are set by Facebook and can change at any time.

Sadly not, you must have a full Facebook Fan Page to include application tabs - this is the sort of page where you're an administrator, rather than being a person. If others can 'like' your page instead of sending friend requests then you have a fan page.

If you don't we recommend you migrate to comply with Facebook's terms. We can help you with this if you like.

We have our own tab preview tool so you can see what you application tab would look like on Facebook. Once you've seen this and approved it, there's simply a button at the top of the page you can click and the tab will be added. After this, follow a couple of simple extra steps and you're good to go!


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